We are private GTA:ONLINE mod menu with |



We offer you one of the best and stable protections on the market against other modders

Script Hook

We have ScriptHookV support, so you can make your gameplay even greater by using community modifications.

Our price

You can buy menu for 25$ with, the Bitcoin, Visa, PayPal and more.

Variate gameplay

We have unique features like, 
teleport in player APS, instant rocket lock, any weapons in car, freemode event starter and much more.

  1. Is it safe for your account ?
    We don't give any guarantees while you're using the mod menu.
    R* can update their anti-cheat at any time.
  2. Are potato PC's supported ? 
    Our cheat is protected with runtime encryption that could negatively affect on your FPS. So first ensure that you have stable 30-60 FPS.
  3. Do you accept cryptocurrency's ?
    Yes, we accept BTC,ETH, BCH,LTC, DASH, XRP, USDT
  4. Can I use the menu on multiple PC's ? 
    Unfortunately not. But you can reset your HWID, so you can use the mod menu on another other PC.
  5. Is it co-loadable with other mod menus ?
    We do not support co-loads with other mod menus, but perhaps you can try injecting together and see what happen.

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2020 Nightfall
For any invoice questions rely at:
[email protected]